Meeting your Zuli is an exciting step in building a relationship. However you should always be careful when interacting with someone you do not know well. Unfortunately, even in the Jewish community, there are both men and women who we should not interact with.

GamZuli does not do background checks or vet our users. Our community of Zulis should take appropriate steps to stay safe and proceed with caution. While each person should follow the behavior they deem prudent, we’ve compiled a few suggestions to consider.

Please keep in mind, the below are just suggestions. Your reliance on these suggestions are at your own risk and you are ultimately responsible for your actions and decisions. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

While on our site:

  • Please report offensive behavior, regardless of insignificance. You know when someone has crossed the line. Please email us at

When meeting in person:

  • Take your time getting to know your Zuli before meeting in person. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you feel comfortable before meeting in person.
  • Try and find a mutual connection who can vouch for them.
  • Follow up with the Zuli’s references provided.
  • Never send money or share financial information.
  • Meet in a populated, public place.
  • Tell friends and family about your plans.
  • Ensure your cell phone is fully charged.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, leave. It’s okay to call it if you are feeling uneasy.

By proceeding with care we can all be assured, meeting our Zulis will be a safe and positive experience for everyone.