How it Works

Welcome to GamZuli, an innovative way for observant Jews to meet and date. Often we hear complaints from singles, feeling powerless and frustrated with the dating system. That does not have to be the case. 

While maintaining class and discretion, GamZuli encourages you to match and meet, all from the comfort of home or wherever you may be. Please see our page on Safety before an in-person interaction with a potential match.

Who are you?

The first time you sign up you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, upload pictures, write a bio and submit references. Tell us who you are and what you are looking for. This will help us find suitable Zulis (matches) for you. Feel free to edit your questionnaire anytime you want. We highly recommend filling out the questionnaire with someone who knows you well, but running solo might be your mojo.

Potential Zulis

We work hard to ensure you are given a list of the suitable Zulis that fit what you are looking for.

Once a week you will be given a personal list of new Zulis to review. You will be able to view their profile, see how they answered the questionnaire, and read their bio.

Pick your Zuli

When you say yes to a Zuli we maintain discretion and that Zuli will never know unless they say yes too.

Schedule a time

Once you both say yes, you will have five-days to select a time to meet your Zuli via video-chat. If you do not schedule a time the match will time-out, and will be removed from the list of matches you are meeting.

Meet your Zuli

The first video-chat is only 15 minutes, not a big commitment, think of it as a way to find out if it makes sense to have a proper date with the actual person. Remember to be on time, the video-chat will end after 15 minutes (there is a countdown). Then you are asked the most simple question: Do you want to see the match again? If not, the match ends there. If yes, then you can schedule another video-chat, this time 45 minutes.

After any video-chat you will have 48 hours to decide if you want to see the match again. After that time, if no response is given the match will be removed from both lists having timed-out.

If you would like to meet again after the 45 minute video-chat, you will be given the option to send each other your contact information (email) and references.

At this point feel free to date on your own or seek a shaddchan/dating coach to help you along the way. We would be happy to see you back here at GamZuli. But then again…we would be even happier if you've found your match made in heaven.