A match – hopefully the match.

The answers you provide in the questionnaire are used by our expertly constructed algorithm to give you matches based on what YOU want. If the suggestions offered are not what you are looking for, you may edit the questionnaire. Our process will improve with additional use, so we encourage you to continue to accept or decline matches.

On GamZuli the "shadchan" is the person helping you before and after you’ve decided to meet rather than the person suggesting the date. We trust that you know what you are looking for and GamZuli will give you that.

Many have found that an ongoing and meaningful relationship with someone who knows them well, whether a shadchan, or someone else such as a Rabbi, mentor, dating coach, or therapist, can be helpful to their personal growth, and will also benefit their approach to dating. 

If you are a shadchan / dating coach with the passion and experience needed to help others navigate the complexities of building relationships, you can become a participating member of the GamZuli project. You may continue working with those you already know, and choose whether to make yourself available to others as well. Contact us at participate@gamzuli.com

Like a match, every shadchan and dating coach has a different style. If you're looking for a shadchan/dating coach, take the time to find someone who is right for you and don’t be afraid to follow your gut! As a starting point, below is an interim list of dating coaches who provide coaching/counseling services for a fee.



GamZuli was developed in consultation with rabbeim in the Torah observant world. In addition we have haskamot from various rabbinic leaders.

If you’re a rabbi or educator who is interested in showing support for those who are dating, and the GamZuli project, we would love to connect. Email us at admin@gamzuli.com

Could be either. A potential Zuli will not know if you expressed interest in meeting them unless they agree to meet as well. So go ahead and say “yes,” to the person you think might be your Zuli!

Potential Zulis, only when your profile has been suggested to them, or when you’ve matched. When sharing your profile, a potential Zuli or Zuli will see the questionnaire, written bio and photos you provided. They will not see the criteria you specified for your ideal Zuli or your references. See our privacy policy for more information.

It is not about quantity, it is about quality. GamZuli identifies matches that are most suitable for you based on the criteria that you specified. Getting to see whether those individuals have potential takes just a bit of time (15 minutes to be precise!). The feedback you provide us will enable us to continue to work toward giving you even better matches in the future.

Running late or canceling a date is extremely disappointing but we understand that emergencies happen. You can always go to the calendar icon on your home page to reschedule if need be, but please try your best to respect their time and be on time. An email will be sent to your Zuli letting them know.

Nothing! We do not believe you need another cost when it comes to making a wedding. We would be thrilled to know when you are getting married. Email us at admin@gamzuli.com.

Some believe showing appreciation to whoever set them up, commonly known as shadchanus, brings good mazel. While you are under no obligation from our perspective, support of the GamZuli project, in any amount, is welcome and you may contact us to do so.


During the launch phase only the basic plan is offered and its free! Members may also receive additional Zulis each week. 


* After the launch phase, there will be premium plans offered to support the technology infrastructure * 

We believe the real benefit of GamZuli is realized as a premium member. We want you to find your Zuli, so we’ve priced premium membership to make it as accessible as possible. When registering for the site you will be able to select the plan that suits you and it can be updated at any time. 

We hope that if you're choosing between an extra indulgence or becoming a premium member, you will support the innovation at GamZuli. That said, we live in challenging times and don’t believe financial means should ever be a barrier to finding your spouse. If you cannot cover the cost of premium membership, please contact us at support@gamzuli.com.

If you are not receiving email notifications, please check your Junk mail folder. If you have another tech issue, please contact us at support@gamzuli.com and we will try to fix it as soon as we can. 

Found something else that’s not right? We’re still in beta and would love to get your ideas and suggestions!

We make a serious effort to ensure that profiles are accurate and truthful. IDs are not shared with potential matches and are used for the sole purpose of setting up your account. In addition, we suggest you cover, or digitally black out, unique government ID information.